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Asutype is a unique real-time spellchecker software for Windows that works at the operating system-level, spell checking everything you type on the fly in all applications to give you mistake-free typing everywhere, all the time.

Asutype is accurate and smart. It watches and learns your typing patterns, adapts itself to your keyboard habits and becomes smarter with use.

Trusted and used by tens of thousands of happy customers, Asutype is an ideal tool to both prevent you from making unwanted typos and increase the speed and accuracy of your typing.

The real time spellchecker checks spelling on the fly in WordPad

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Asutype checks spelling as you type in any application

No need to run a spelling checker, it's automatic

Unlike ordinary spell checkers, you don't need to do anything extra in order to have your typing spell checked. Just type as normal and Asutype will automatically check and correct all misspellings for you. It's that easy!

Spell check as you type, in real time

While running, Asutype is continuously watching your typing. If you misspell a word or make a typing mistake, it will red underline it along with an alert beep and an optional screen flashing to give you real-time feedback as you type. You can take immediate action to correct the mistake now, or leave it and come back to fix it later (the red underline will help you spot those spelling mistakes easily.)

Catch spelling errors everywhere

Asutype fixes typing errors on the fly

Asutype is integrated into the Windows operating system, runs in the background of all applications and spell checks everything you type in real-time, everywhere: online, off-line, in dialog boxes, in console windows, you name it. Your writing is mistake-free and you look smarter!

AutoCorrect known mistakes instantly

Asutype corrects recognized typing errors (e.g. errors that you have made before) automatically. It capitalizes proper names and sentences, fixes Capslock errors and autocorrects commonly made spelling mistakes. You don't need to stop typing and go back to fix errors yourself!

Rich options to handle new spelling mistakes

If the mistake is unrecognized (i.e. you have made it for the first time), Asutype offers options to handle it instantly by automatic correction, interactive correction and manual correction. No more spelling errors slipping into your text unnoticed!

Asutype learns, adapts and grows smarter by use

Log and review spelling mistakes

Asutype logs mistakes and lets you review them at any time. The detailed information shows your typing habits and mistake patterns, and may help you improve your writing and typing skills!

Learn, adapt and become smarter with use

Asutype watches, analyzes and learns your typing habits and mistake patterns. It adapts itself to your typing style and becomes smarter with use.

Normally after a couple of weeks using Asutype, it will recognize most of your mistakes and automatically fix them as soon as you make them. By then, you may not even realize that your spelling mistakes are being corrected automatically by Asutype; you just type continuously but no longer making obvious mistakes. It's that smart and effective!

Spell check multi-lingual text automatically

Asutype can check spelling for multi-lingual text

Asutype fully supports Unicode and can spell check multi-lingual text automatically as you type. You don't need to do anything extra; no switching back and forth between languages is needed. If you have spelling dictionaries of your languages open, you just type normally and Asutype will automatically understand the language you type.

Build up spelling dictionary and AutoCorrect list on the fly

You can build up your own spelling dictionary and AutoCorrect list as you go. Every time if you type a word that is not recognized, Asutype will show you a suggestion window containing some choices and give you options to add the word into your spelling dictionary or your AutoCorrect list on the fly. Thanks to its system-level nature, every word you add from an application will be instantly available in all other applications!

Unique and consistent spell check software system-wide

You can use Asutype to ensure your writing is spell checked in any applications which do not support spell check features such as NotePad, WordPad, many e-mail composers, web browsers or instant messenger applications, or in places a traditional spellchecker cannot be used such as in dialog boxes, data entry fields, feedback forms or console windows.

You can use Asutype to replace your built-in spell checker that may be included in your particular application, because not only does Asutype provide a smarter, more convenient and automatic, on-the-fly correction that saves you time, but it also provides a single unique and consistent spell check engine that saves you effort and eliminates the redundancy in updating and maintaining several spell checkers used in different applications.

Asutype expands words and phrases as you type

And more...

Besides on the fly spell checking, Asutype also offers you word and text expansion, repetitive task automation and multi-clipboard functionality to speed up your typing. It's more than a smart system-level spell checker. It's an all-in-one typing solution that works at the operating system-level to give you mistake-free and fast typing everywhere, all the time.

They Use Asutype

Asutype is used in all US Army Medicine facilities
Asutype is used in all US Navy Medicine facilities
Asutype is used in several US Air Force Medical Service facilities

Asutype is in used throughout the entire US Army Medicine, US Navy Medicine and several US Air Force Medical Service facilities including hospitals, dental clinics and ambulatory care clinics.

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Asutype is very powerful yet compact and easy-to-use. It was developed with you in mind: every aspect - installation, configuration, and use - was created to be as simple and easy as possible. It requires no prerequisite skill, comes with preset settings and supports automatic spell check and speed typing modes, so you can get it up and running in no time.

Whether you are a hunt-and-peck typist or a touch-typing power user, Asutype will minimize your mistakes, speed up your typing, save you effort and make more efficient use of your time. It's a great spell check and speed typing software to have. You'll be happy - we guarantee it!

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