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The Clipboard Viewer

The Clipboard viewer

The Clipboard Viewer allows you to see the current content of multiple clipboards available through Asutype:


The Search Box searches for clipboard items in the current Content list.

The Search box
  • To search for an entry, enter your search term into the Search Box. The software will automatically search and select to the closest entry in the Content List as you type.
  • Asutype does a full text search in the Content list.



The Content List shows all clipboard contents currently available.

The Content list
  • The list can be sorted by any column in both ascending and descending order. Click the Column Header to change the order.

Note: You can change the hotkeys used to copy and paste clipboard contents by changing the Master Copy and Master Paste hotkeys in the Multiple Clipboards Options.



The Detail Area shows the currently selected clipboard content.


How To...

Copy a block of text into a particular clipboard

  1. Select the text.
  2. Press <CTRL+[+key> where key can be any key on the main area of your keyboard (i.e. any number, letter, punctuation or function key). For example, to copy text to clipboard A, press <CTRL+[+A>. To copy it to clipboard B, press <CTRL+[+B> and so on.


  • The hotkey <Ctrl+[> is the default Master Copy hotkey. You can change the hot key to any key combination using the Multiple Clipboards Options.
  • The content of each clipboard is saved and available the next time you run Asutype.

Paste the content out of a particular clipboard

  1. Place the caret where you want to paste the text.
  2. Press <CTRL+]+key> where key is a placeholder for the clipboard key. For example, to paste text from clipboard A, press <CTRL+]+A>. To paste from clipboard B, press <CTRL+]+B> etc.


  • The hotkey <Ctrl+]> is the default Master Paste hotkey. You can change the hot key to any key combination using the Multiple Clipboards Options.

Search for a clipboard

  1. Type a word or multiple words into the Search box.
  2. Asutype will display how many clipboards it finds containing the words, and select the first found clipboard. To jump to the next found, click the "Found" button.

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