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Asutype makes sure everything you type is mistake-free and fast, everywhere, all the time.

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Runs on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32- and 64-bit)

Correct errors automatically, type shorthand, type faster and automate everyday tasks

Asutype Top Features

  • Spell check anywhere you type
    Asutype does on-the-fly spell checking everywhere you type: online, off-line, in dialog boxes or even in console windows. Typing mistakes are flagged by a red underline, accompanied with optional beeping and flashing to make sure that no errors can slip into your text unnoticed.
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  • Correct mistakes as you type
    Asutype automatically corrects commonly made mistakes and offers a variety of options to handle uncommon errros including manual, interactive and automatic correction. You don't need to stop typing and go back to fix errors yourself.
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  • Learn and adapt to your keyboard habits
    Asutype is smart. It watches and analyzes your typing, detects your keyboard habit, learns and adapts and becomes smarter with use.
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  • Expand text as you type
    Asutype does word and phrase expansion for frequently used texts. You can insert a commonly used phrase or boilerplate text anywhere simply by typing a much shorter hot text, or pressing a hot key or drawing a mouse gesture. You save tremendous time and reduce wrist strain risk.
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  • Automate everyday repetitive tasks
    With powerful and flexible macro system embedded in the text expansion, you can automate any repetitive tasks that you need to perform repeatedly. You will get things done more quickly and have more time for other important things.
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  • Use multiple clipboards simultaneously
    You don't need to switch back and forth between windows when copying multiple text snippets. Use Asutype's deterministic multi-clipboard system to copy and paste all of them at the same time. It's a smart, easy and effective way to save you time and effort.
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  • Multi-computer and multi-user ready
    You can share data files between multiple computers of yours, or between multiple users in your working group. Asutype supports peer data sharing out of the box, and is enterprise-friendly for deployment.
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Other Features

  • No saving - everything is autosaved.
  • Simple, intuitive and straightforward user interface.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Multiple keyboard layouts support.
  • Support packing and unpacking data for easy transfer and backup.
  • Flexible and highly configurable.
  • Operating system-level availability so it works everywhere you type.
  • Can run from USB.

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