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Asutype's Command Line
Pro Version Only

Besides running Asutype directly from the desktop (by double clicking its installed icon on the desktop), or from the Start menu (by selecting the Asutype menu item), you can also run Asutype using a command line with the following options:

Switch Explanation Example
/pack <packed-file> To pack the current data files along with all the settings to the file <packed-file>. The <packed-file> must be a full path to a valid, writable location in your system. asutype.exe /pack c:/backup/asutype-packed.packing

will launch Asutype and packs itself to the file C:/backup/asutype-packed.packing.
/unpack <packed-file> To start working using the packed file <packed-file> instead of using the last saved files and settings. asutype.exe /unpack c:/backup/asutype-packed.packing

will launch Asutype and use the data files and settings saved in the packed file C:/backup/asutype-packed.packing as its working data files and settings.
/exit To exit the software right after launch This option can be used with the /pack parameter to launch Asutype to pack its data and exit immediately.

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