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The Comment Hot Code

The Comment hot code is for commenting on a text shortcut. The content of the comment code will be ignored at run time. It will not be processed or put to the target document when the shortcut gets expanded.

Code Action Example
<;comment-here> To give a comment for a given text shortcut <;Signature for Address 1>1234 Pennsylvania Ave

When this text shortcut is expanded, it only expanded as

1234 Pennsylvania Ave

The whole part <;Signature for Address 1> is ignored.

The comment code serves several purposes:

  1. To help distinguish between two or more very similar text shortcuts

    If you use the same hot text for more than one text shortcut, at run-time, if you type the hot text, Asutype will pop-up a list of the correspondent shortcuts and ask you to choose one to expand. If your text shortcuts are long, and having a similar beginning, it is difficult to distinguish between them.

    In that case, if you give each shortcut a comment at the beginning, not only do you effectively "name" your shortcuts differently, but also help distinguish them in the pop-up list at run-time.
  2. To help comment on other hot codes

    If your particular text shortcut uses a lot of hot codes, or has a complicated logic, sometimes it makes sense to give a group of hot codes a comment to express your intention and help you organizing and maintaining the hot codes better .
  3. To help find a shortcut faster

    Asutype does a full text search on the content of shortcuts. You can enter a word, a fraction of a word or a group of words into the Search box in the Shortcut editor, and Asutype will automatically search for every shortcut containing those words.

    You can use the comment code to give a particular shortcut a key word, or a list of keywords so whenever you search for it, just enter the keywords into the Search box and, voila, Asutype jumps straight to the shortcut.
  4. To label a position

    You can use a comment to label a position in the shortcut, and use this label in a <GOTO> code to direct the shortcut execution to the position. See Flow control hot codes for more information on how to control the shortcut's execution flow.

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