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The Main Window

The main window


The Task Column contains:

  1. A list of common editing tasks:
    the Shortcut editor To manage text shortcuts used for text expansion
    the Clipboard viewer To view the current content of all simultaneously available clipboards
    The Dictionary editor To manage spelling dictionaries used for spell checking
    The Correction editor To manage correction entries used for automatic typing correction
    The Mistake reviewer To review all mistakes made and help the software adapt to your way of typing
    • Click each item to bring the corresponding editor into the Editing Area.
    • The current active item is highlighted.
  2. A toolbar of buttons:
    Hot Addition Reviewer To activate the Hot Addition Reviewer, where you can undo any accidental hot addition.
    (Pro Version Only)
    Clipboard Spell Checker To activate the Clipboard Spell Checker, where you can spell check the current clipboard content.
    Clear Highlighting To clear all on-screen highlighting.
    Question To activate the Online Help documentation for the current screen.
  3. The Support pop-up menu:

    Support popup menu

    To activate the Options dialog box, where you can view and change the software's settings.

    Pack Data...
    Pro Version Only
    To preserve all data and working conditions including your current settings to a packed file, this making it easy to backup or transfer your data.

    Unpack Data...
    Pro Version Only
    To restore the software to the exact working condition at the time of the packed file.

    To activate the Help documentation (this document).

    About Asutype...
    To display the ubiquitous About dialog box.

    Technical Support...
    To activate the Technical Support dialog box, from which you can send us e-mail asking for help.

    Register Asutype...
    Click this command to register the software.

    To exit the software.


The Editing Area shows and allows editing various data used in the software, such as spelling dictionaries, automatic correction lists and text shortcut lists.

How To...

Activate the Main Window


  • Right click the running icon and choose the "Asutype" command.
  • Or, press the hot key <Ctrl+Shift+A+M>.

Note: You can change the activation hot key in the Hot Keys Options dialog box.

Close the Main Window

  • Click the "Close" button The close button in the title bar.

Note: When the main window is hidden, its icon will disappear from the task bar. Asutype only shows up as a running icon in the system tray, near the clock.

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