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The Mistake Flagging Options

The Mistake Flagging Options

This options group controls how Asutype alerts you when it detects an error as you type.

Beep on mistakes
If checked, Asutype will beep on every detected mistake as you type.

Beep using an external wave sound
You can specify an external wave sound to be played instead of the default ding sound.

Flash screen
If checked, Asutype will flash the screen if it detects a mistake as you type.

Highlight mistakes
If checked, Asutype will mark every detected mistake with a red underline under the mistake as you type.

You can also choose other background and foreground colors to highlight mistakes. If you find highlighting is too intrusive, then you can choose underlining mistakes instead. When underlining, the foreground color is used.

Pop-up font
Click this button to choose a type face and font size for the Suggestions Pop-up.

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