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Correct errors automatically, type shorthand, type faster and automate everyday tasks

Asutype at work

  • All the time while you're working, Asutype is continuously guarding your keyboarding stream and ready to correct any mistake you may make.

    See the way it works in WordPad as illustrated on the right. The "misstake" word gets red underlined in the manual correction mode, gets corrected automatically in the automatic correction mode, and gets corrected from a selection in the interactive correction mode.

    Asutype expands a predefined abbreviation to a longer text to speed up your typing and allows you to create new abbreviations on the fly. As illustrated here, Asutype expands "asap" to "as soon as possible" and "tyvm" to "thank you very much" and let you define "qae" to be expanded to "quickly and easily" as you go.

  • Asutype at work

Running Icon

  • According to its system-wide nature, most of the time the program is only shown as a small icon in your system tray, near the clock. It never gets in your way while you're typing.

    Right click on the icon will pop up the quick menu, while left click on the icon will bring up the Main window. The Main window has several tabs, each for different feature.

  • Asutype's running icon in the system tray

The Shortcut Editor

The Shortcut Editor handles text shortcuts and text expansion:

Asutype's Shortcut Editor

  • You can assign any text abbreviation (e.g. hot text), or any key combination (e.g. hot key), or any mouse movement (e.g. mouse gesture) to a text to expand it.
  • The Search box at the top right corner supports full text search.

The Clipboard Viewer

The Clipboard Viewer allows users to use multiple clipboards to copy and paste text at the same time:

Asutype's Multiple Clipboards

The Dictionary Editor

The Dictionary Editor handles spelling dictionaries. It supports multiple languages at the same time:

Asutype's Spelling Editor

The Correction Editor

The Correction Editor handles automatic error corrections:

Asutype's Correction Editor

The Mistake Reviewer

The Mistake Reviewer allows you to review your accumulated mistakes and let Asutype learn and adapt to your typing style:

Asutype's Mistake Reviewer

The Options

Asutype is highly configurable through its Options dialog boxes. You can customize and set Asutype to work with you by choosing different options in any group below:

Text Shortcuts Options

Multiple Clipboards Options

Spelling Rules Options

Mistake Flagging Options

Mistake Correction Options

Hotkeys Options

Applications Options

Advanced Options

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