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Correct errors automatically, type shorthand, type faster and automate everyday tasks

Asutype's Benefits As an Instant Spell Checker

Asutype detects and corrects all kinds of errors

Asutype automatically detects and corrects all kinds of errors that you may make whilst typing.

  • You are freed from concerns about spelling errors - you no longer make typing mistakes!
  • You can concentrate on your main tasks rather than paying attention to correcting mistakes!
  • You can avoid the pain of detecting a mistake too late (think about how many times you discovered your critical typographical error only after you had printed your document out or dispatched it!)

Asutype does its job in a fully automatic manner.

Asutype does it job in a fully automatic manner
  • You don't need to do anything to have your typing checked. It's so natural and easy to type and have your spelling corrected in real-time!
  • You don't need to stop typing and go back to correct mistakes yourself - you can type faster and have more fun!
  • When you are done, you are done. You don't need to run any spellchecker anymore! You are now freed from the extra step of running a spellchecker and choosing a bunch of options that the spellchecker requests after you have done all your work and are ready to print it out!

Asutype gives you real-time feedback as you type both audibly and visually by highlighting the mistake/correction on the document you are working with. (Please note that this smart highlighting feature is available in all applications. Global highlighting is only available in Asutype. To our knowledge, there is no other spellchecker supporting this feature).

Asutype gives you rreal-time feedback while typing
  • You are protected from every possible error you type - you don't miss any mistakes!
  • You have a chance to take immediate action on a mistake if you want to do so!
  • You can spot and fix highlighted mistakes easily at any time if you choose to fix the mistakes after you type!

Asutype keeps track of all your errors and lets you review them at any time.

Asutype keeps track of all errors
  • You have a chance to learn about your own typing habits and mistake patterns!
  • You can improve your both typing and writing skills!

Asutype adapts itself to your keyboarding style and becomes more effective with use.

Asutype learns and adapts itself to your keyboarding style
  • You have your own software that recognizes you and your typing to serve you in your way!
  • The more you use the program, the more intelligent it becomes and the more your typical errors can be avoided!
  • You have fun feeding a software as a pet!

Asutype works at the Operating System-level and is available in all applications.

Asutype works at the OS-level
  • You have a unique and consistent software that protects you anytime, anywhere!
  • You save time and avoid the repetition of entering the same pattern in several applications!
  • If you add a new mistake pattern, just add once in a single place and it will be in effect immediately, system wide!

You can use Asutype to ensure mistake-free writing in any applications which do not support spell check features such as NotePad, WordPad, many e-mail composers, browsers or instant messenger applications, or in places a traditional spellchecker cannot be used; such as in dialog boxes, data entry fields or feedback forms.

You can use Asutype to replace your built-in spell checker that may be included in your particular application, because not only does Asutype provide a more convenient and automatic, on-the-fly correction that saves you time, but it also provides a single unique and consistent spell check engine that saves you effort and eliminates the redundancy in updating and maintaining several spell checkers used in different applications.

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Asutype's Benefits As a Text Expander Software

Asutype creates your text abbreviation items and types them back with a shortcut to increase typing speed.

Asutype expands text to speed up typing
  • Ideal for transcriptions
  • Ideal for answering queries
  • Ideal for entering the same piece of text again such as web addresses, passwords, e-mail signatures, etc.

Asutype gives you plenty of power over your text expander.

Asutype gives you plenty of power over text expansion
  • The text can be as long as 32,000 characters (about 20 pages)
  • The text can contain some variables such as date and time information
  • The amount of boilerplate text items is unlimited

Asutype uses multiple clipboards simultaneously to ease your copy and paste editing.

Asutype uses multiple clipboards simultaneously
  • You don't need to switch back and forth to copy and paste several text pieces between applications
  • Use a single hot key to access all the clipboards with ease
  • Save multiple clipboards and reuse them at wish

Whether you are a hunt-and-peck typist or a touch-typing power user, Asutype will minimize your mistakes, speed up your typing, save you effort and make more efficient use of your time. You'll be happy - we guarantee it!

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